September 2007

Back on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 I moderated a feisty panel of photo agents at Adorama in New York. We had a nice crowd that evening and plenty of lively discussions went back and forth between the six panelists and the audience members. Some of the feedback was wonderful – I think my favorite has to have been:

“I have seen my future – and his name is Michael Ash!”

Sadly, Vicki Sander was unable to join us that evening (much to her chagrin) but Carol Alda from Bernstein & Andriulli very kindly stepped in at the last minute. Talk about efficient, that girl had her images to me for the slideshow within 48 hours which was a lot quicker than the other panelists whom I’d been chasing for weeks, of course!
I’m hoping that we’ll have an opportunity to do another of these panels in 2008 so I’ll keep you all posted in the Chatterbulletins as to if and when we do.

Course Description:

If you’ve asked yourself, ‘What exactly does a photographer’s rep do and do I really need one?’ then this panel discussion moderated by Louisa Curtis of Chatterbox Enterprises, is a Workshop you don’t want to miss.

Louisa has invited a diverse panel of six top industry photographers’representatives to give you their insights on repping in the commercial photography business. After introductions to their backgrounds and each panelist showing examples of their agencies’ work, Louisa will ask the panelists the type of questions that are so pertinent today:

  • How and why did each panelist become an agent in the first place?
  • How has digital affected the world of photography and how does that affect the way they conduct business?
  • How does a rep find new clients? Do they make appointments with potential buyers?
  • What exactly does a rep do on a daily basis and what should a photographer expect when signing with a rep? For many photographers, it is like entering into a marriage, so you’d better be ready. And it will definitely cost you money!
  • Do reps whose business primarily focuses on advertising accounts ever handle editorial work?
  • How does a photographer get a rep’s attention, let alone get an appointment with them?
  • What can a photographer without representation do to survive?

Louisa J. Curtis – Creative Consultant – Chatterbox Enterprises

Louisa Curtis is a creative consultant based in New York City. After spending a number of years in the commercial photography industry, she formed Chatterbox Enterprises to offer photographers a variety of creative consulting services – ranging from portfolio, web site and image reviews to customized marketing packages designed to help them refine their vision, target the appropriate audience, as well as create and implement an Internet-driven business plan.
Her work experience includes, Archive magazine, The Black Book, photo representatives Watson & Spierman, PDN‘s PhotoServe, IPNStock and ADBASE. Besides her creative and marketing consulting for photographers, Louisa also works as an event coordinator, panel moderator and seminar speaker. She has been involved with many events over the years for both APA and ASMP and will be moderating a panel of top industry creatives at this year’s Photo Plus Expo, entitled,‘Creativity & Commerce.’
Her web address is: style=”font-family: Tahoma;” href=””>

Michael Ash – Photographers’ Representative – Radical Media
Born inBrownsville, Brooklyn, and raised on the streets of New York, Michael Ash beganrepresenting photographers in 1979, after failing to get drafted into MajorLeague Baseball. Not knowing muchabout photography, Michael soon established himself in the field for his keeneye and ability to identify unknown talent. He introduced and launched talents such as Raymond Meier,Kenji Toma, Harry Dezitter and Duncan Sim over the years, and most recently,Peter Hapak, Esther Haase and Kenji Aoki to the U.S. Market. A champion of photographer’s rights anda firm believer that “less is more,” Michael believes that photographers shouldbe left to do what they do best. . . taking great pictures.His web address is:

Patrick Casey – Photographers’ Representative – Marge Casey & Associates
“As a young boy I slept on piles of contact sheets and was surroundedby great talent that inspired and refined my creativity,” says PatrickCasey.
As Creative Director of Marge Casey + Associates, Patrick Casey continues in his mother’s footsteps by cultivating a roster of international talent. Having been immersed in the world of photography from a very young age, he brings a deep passion and progressive perspective to the team. Patrick’s fresh approach to marketing promotes the agency’s emerging and established photographers in a visionary way, while building on the agency’s reputation and commitment to service as leaders in the creative community for over 30 years.
His web address is:

Frank Meo – Photographers’ Representative – Meorepresents
Frank Meo has been repping photographers to the commercial sector for more than twenty years. His company Meorepresents has worked for such clients as Nike, American Express, ESPN, IBM, Acura, Pfizer and Xerox.
Meorepresents has worked with every major ad agency, and their photographers have worked for every important magazine and newspaper around the world.
Meorepresents has carved out an important niche in the photography community by representing world-renowned photojournalists for commercial assignments, which in turn allows these photographers funding for their projects which involve shooting the important issuesof our time. With offices in New York City, and affiliations around the world, Meorepresents has the reach to produce any job anywhere.
His web address is:

Vicki Sander – Photographers’ Representative – Vicki Sander Represents
Vicki Sander has been representing photographers at major agencies, design firms and corporations worldwide since the slogan “Home of the Big Whopper” hit the headlines. (For those young guns who don’t know their advertising hall of fame history… a very long time). She has two divisions in her business. Vicki Sander Represents currently has a roster of 10 wonderfully talented commercial photographers, some of whom have been with her for over 15 years and Folio Forums, a company that promotes hundreds of photographers in her critically acclaimed art-buying sanctioned portfolio shows. Since 1993, Vicki has had the privilege to present over 650 photographer’s portfolios to about 9,000 creatives in these catered portfolio reviews that are hosted at the top advertising agencies. Producing 300 plus reviews and creating a marketing plan for her Folio Forums clients as well as managing the careers of the talent she represents has given her a unique perspective to the business. Her education as an art director and her theatrical training and stage experience performing in clubs and theaters in NYC has prepared her well for the drama, politics, and the ebbs and flows of this unique ever- changing business.
Her web address is:

Kristina Snyder – Photographers’ Representative – Snyder & Co.
Kristina Snyder is the force behind Snyder & Co., a boutique agency in New York, that represents award-winning artists such as photographers Hakan Ludwigson, Evan Kafka and Susanne Walstrom, and illustrators from Sweden, most notable among them being Stina Wirsen and Hampus Ericstam. Kristina started Snyder & Co. in 2001 after 13 years in the photo business, first as a freelance photo editor and later as a producer for photographers. After moving to New York from Stockholm, Sweden, her very first job was as a researcher at JB Pictures; a small news agency representing photojournalists based in war zones around the globe. She then went on to do stints at Time Magazine, Newsweek and Life as a photo researcher, and subsequently worked freelance at a long list of magazines in New York.

Her last job before becoming a producer on her own was at HBO where she assigned set photography and produced studio shoots. Working with the yet to be discovered cast of The Sopranos proved to be a lasting memory, and she met Bruce Springsteen at the wrap party. Kristina has worked as a photo editor at a Swedish travel magazine in her spare time and acted as a consultant for the Photo Fair in Gothenburg for 4 years. Kristina considers being an agent for artists the most interesting job she has ever had. She briefly considered naming her agency ‘Shut Up and Shoot’, but thought better of it.
Her web address is:

Carol Alda – Photographers’ Representative – Bernstein & Andriulli
Carolstarted her career as a studio manager for a lifestyle commercial photographerin Boston.  She then became a Senior Art Buyer at Arnold Worldwide workingon the award winning Volkswagen campaign.  After leaving Arnold, shesuccessfully launched her own rep firm.  In 2003 she moved to New York towork as a photo agent at Bernstein & Andriulli and brought with her anarsenal of unique experience from having participated in the business ofcommercial photography from the perspective of the photographer, theagency/client and as an independent agent.  She has a BA in Communicationsand a Masters in Advertising from the University of Illinois.
Her web address is: