NY PhotoGroup Salon Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

You are invited to the next gathering of The NY PhotoGroup Salon on Wednesday April 17th, 2013 at 6:30 pm
At the SoHo Photo Gallery located at 15 White Street, New York, NY 10013
(The gallery is 3 blocks south of Canal Street between Avenue of the Americas and West Broadway, across from the Tribeca Grand Hotel. By subway: A, C, or E train to Canal Street; #1 train to Franklin Street.)

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $10 cover charge to pay the rent

This month they are presenting the work of Ted Adams, Delphine Diaw Diallo, Katie Orlinsky and Rich Pomerantz

*Please note the lineup is subject to change

Aries, Accidents, seeing Red and more… ChatterLog April 2013

Greetings everyone – and welcome to the April or Spring ChatterBulletin and the sign of Aries!

Aries, The Ram

The theme for this month is Accidents, and why is that, you might ask? Well, since Aries is the 1st of our 12 signs of the zodiac, that also makes them the most “primitive” and youthful – they are not exactly what you would call mature or refined, that’s neither their forte nor their job. They are the pioneers, the young cowboys who “shoot first and ask questions later” living a more impulsive kind of a life. And, when we add in the fact that the Ruling Planet of Aries is Mars, the God of War (notice the 1st 3 letters of the 2 words, MAR(s) and WAR, and how the W looks like an inverted M, or the M is an inverted W, whichever way you want) the association with and attraction to Accidents, either intentional or accidental (pun intended!) makes perfect sense. Plus our Planet Mars speeds up time, thus making those Accidents more likely!

In my Astrology teacher’s 1st lecture “What Is Astrology? Astrology At Your Own Pace” he talks about how each of the 12 signs is a different make-up from the rest, so they are simply not going to think or feel or react in the same way. He gives us the scenario of a violent car accident, resulting in body parts and guts spilling out onto the road. We have an Aries and a Pisces who witness this while eating their lunch. The Aries will watch the entire scene while continuing quite happily to eat their sandwich, but the Pisces will get so sick to their stomach, they will not be able to eat at all. In fact, the Aries will probably finish eating the Pisces’ sandwich as well!

So what about Aries and Accidents – they not only like to watch them, they can also cause a lot of them. Aries is the sign associated with War because Mars is a violent God or Planet, who likes to fight, period. In Ancient times, Mars was known to be a bully, and was not liked. And remember that sometimes the toughest guys to fight are not the biggest, but it’s those gritty little Martians, who are not large in stature, they are short, strong and speedy – so watch out! This is also why we see Aries and Mars associated with the Military, Law and Enforcement – it’s a natural place or profession for them.

Hot Chili Peppers, Seattle, WA © Louisa J. Curtis

While we’re talking about lunch and food, something else that you may not know is the Planet Mars is connected to our tongues and therefore to our sense of Taste, resulting in many of them being extremely good cooks. Think about it, Aries is a Fire sign and we need Fire to cook with. Mars’ metal is Iron, and Mars likes to cut things. So Aries is not only associated with all the pots and pans in the kitchen, but also the utensils as well. And since we are talking about Taste, Fire & Heat, Mars’ color is Red (no big surprise there – and come to think of it, blood is also Red) and they tend to love spicy food as well, which is why the ChatterRecipe for this month is a Chili! Something else to ponder, and that is chefs wear hats – remember Aries rules the Head, and Aries wear Hats, they just do. And this time last year in my April Aries ChatterLog you may recall I showed People Magazine’s “History of the Queen’s Hats” in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee. So what if I remind you that Aries rules England? It would be most fitting that the Monarch should wear a lot of Hats (when she’s not wearing her crown, of course!) Something else to consider is that Aries, or any of the Fire signs, may also have red hair! Photographer Keith Barraclough may not be an Aries (he’s Sagittarius) but he is a Fire sign, so I thought it perfect that he has been shooting a personal portrait project with, you guessed it redheads!

From his personal portrait project "Redheads" © Keith Barraclough

I grew up in England and the English as a nation wear hats. I wore hats as part of my school uniform, black felt in the winter and straw panama in the summer. Back then I wasn’t a huge fan, since these were both ugly and compulsory, but over the years I collected many hats, at one point reaching a total of more than 60! It is still rare for me to head out (notice the words I used!) anywhere without wearing a hat! Growing up, we weren’t exactly churchgoers in my own family, but it would have been unthinkable to attend a wedding or a funeral without wearing a hat! So when British Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife showed up to William and Kate’s Royal Wedding deliberately hat-less back in 2011 – it caused quite a stir, I can tell you!

Assorted Hats!

Now, to show you I’m not making all of this up and that it is in front of our very eyes – not long ago I was watching TV and there was a BBC America segment promoting all of their upcoming shows – and low and behold the narrator starts talking about how all of the characters in all of these diverse programs wear hats of some kind! I couldn’t have asked for better affirmation! There was Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (back to our chefs again), then they mentioned the period dramas like Downton Abbey (all the bonnets and top hats) and so on… and then of course there’s all those police and mystery dramas (policemen wear hats, so do doctors and nurses in the hospitals…) But then how about the courtroom and the legal dramas. Just the other day I was watching an old episode of Matlock, in which he was visiting London and ended up defending someone in a British Courtroom. Seeing it from Matlock, the visitor’s point of view, I have to admit just how beautifully archaic the entire thing was, and still is. They don’t just opt for hats – they still wear white wigs! Matlock thought it was so weird, he asked the judge that he be excused from wearing the robes and wig, and simply stick to his familiar old suit!

Happy Birthday to all you Aries!

Tutu Project Benefit moved to Friday, May 3rd, 2013!

I met the quiet and super- talented photographer Bob Carey a while back and over the years we have stayed in touch and once in a while we run into one another at an event or gallery opening. The Tutu Project Benefit is an event to raise both awareness and funds not only for a very worthy cause, but it is also close to Bob’s heart, since his wife Linda has been fighting her own battle with the disease for some time. Preferring to be pro-active in dealing with their situation, they started the Carey Foundation. At the same time, Bob continued to take his hilarious self-portraits, dressed in his pink tutu, for his series entitled “Ballerina.” What started as a “lark” took on a whole new meaning and now his much-awaited book with a wonderful forward by Amy Arbus is not only published, but all proceeds will go towards their foundation.

© Bob Carey

The Tutu Project invites you to their first year anniversary celebration benefiting the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer. This opening night event kicks off an amazing weekend in honor of our first anniversary.  The work of “Ballerina” will be on exhibit and you’ll enjoy an evening of hope and commitment to benefit the lives of families that have been affected by breast cancer. All donated proceeds go toward the Carey Foundation and copies of Ballerina, the Book will be available for sale and Bob will be signing copies.

DATE: This event was postponed from its original date of March 22nd – it is now on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 from 6 to 9pm

The exhibit will be on show Friday & Saturday, and Bob will be giving a talk about his work, his project and how it went viral on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at 1:30pm.

LOCATION: TheLabNYC, 122 West 26th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenues)


$50.00 Donation – for information and to purchase tickets please click here!

Slideluck Red, White & View Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Join Casey Kelbaugh and Slideluck in the Lower East Side at GalleryBar on Wednesday, April 10th from 6pm-midnight for the second NYC edition of Red White & View! After eleven shows in Tel Aviv and a spirited launch in New York last year, we’re back with another lively and engaging evening of art, drinks, music and friends.

Exhibiting Artists: Antoine VerglasDavid Elan FooxElla MashkautzenJennifer WeinJon LeviPaul D. MillerRachel RossinSandy CohenSharon Zobali

Save your spot by purchasing your $10 tickets in advance! Over 300 guests joined us last year and a recap can be found on both the Artsicle and Brooklyn Brewery blogs.  All of the proceeds raised during the event go towards Slideluck (501c3) and the Slideluck Youth Initiative, so be sure to check out their new website!

Slideluck Red, White & View Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Join Casey Kelbaugh and Slideluck in the Lower East Side at GalleryBar on Wednesday, April 10th from 6pm-midnight for the second NYC edition of Red White & View! After eleven shows in Tel Aviv and a spirited launch in New York last year, we’re back with another lively and engaging evening of art, drinks, music and friends.

Exhibiting Artists: Antoine VerglasDavid Elan FooxElla MashkautzenJennifer WeinJon LeviPaul D. MillerRachel RossinSandy CohenSharon Zobali

Save your spot by purchasing your $10 tickets in advance! Over 300 guests joined us last year and a recap can be found on both the Artsicle and Brooklyn Brewery blogs.  All of the proceeds raised during the event go towards Slideluck (501c3) and the Slideluck Youth Initiative, so be sure to check out their new website!

Tips for Anxiety – ChatterTip April 2013

Since we gave you some Tips for Minor Accidents last year for Aries, this time I’m going with some Tips for Dealing with Anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious about something, it is the Planet Mars at work. Just miss that train? Wonder when the next one is coming? Will you make it to your important meeting on time now? Did you remember to bring the right notes or are they still sitting on your desk at home? Mars literally speeds time up, and because of that Anxiety, we become more prone to those Accidents!

Rescue Remedy © Louisa J. Curtis

Anxiety is described as a state of apprehension or fear that surfaces in the face of danger, but nowadays our everyday lives in the “modern world” can be so stressful that we can easily become anxious, even when our lives are not in danger. As a natural “fight or flight” response to some potential peril the body prepares itself through Adrenaline to cope with the threatening situation – we’ve all heard of people who after a bad car accident suddenly have the strength to free themselves from the wreckage, or rescue their child from some imminent danger. In normal circumstances, they might not have been able to do what they did, but under extreme anxiety and with the adrenaline pumping, they found that inner reserve they didn’t even know they possessed. But what happens when that state of Anxiety takes over? Not so good. The adrenaline is still produced, but it is not utilized, so the body goes into a state of physiological confusion, or what’s known as a panic attack. Re-occurring panic attacks can turn into Chronic Anxiety, ultimately leading to a constant state of worry and depression. In other words, it can take you right out of your game!

Chinese herbalism might suggest Ginseng, and treatment would be designed to strengthen the spleen and enliven the liver. Traditional folk remedies for Anxiety suggest Oats, which I find very interesting, and starting your day off with a bowl of Oatmeal is not only said to be great nutrition, but also aids in reducing depression. Who knew? Other useful herbs are Skullcap (notice the blatant anatomical reference to the head – we are still talking about Aries, after all!) and Valerian. A tea made with Lady’s Slipper and Lime Blossom may also work to ease anxiety and tension. And another interesting note, while we’re mentioning Lime, is my favorite cure for a headache (again, we’re dealing with Aries), which is to take a piece of fresh Lime and simply rub it on your temples and forehead. Repeat a few times and see how that headache starts to dissipate – and it costs a lot less than Advil or Aspirin! For the bath, it is suggested using a blend of relaxing essential oils, such as Lavender, Geranium and Bergamot.

An increase in the intake of Vitamin B is said to help the nervous system, and in Homeopathy, Aconite (or Monkshood) is used to dispel a sudden panic attack, and Arsenicum (or White Arsenic) may be useful if you feel insecure, restless or tired (notice they both begin with the letter “A”). And for the Bach Flower Essences, Elm is used to help feelings of being unable to cope, Red Chestnut when dealing with the welfare of others, and Aspen (another “A” word) for anxiety that is caused by no reason in particular! And last but not least, Rescue Remedy, which my sister and I used constantly when dealing with the stress of losing both parents and everything else that accompanied those emotional and physically stressful times. Rescue Remedy is an equal blend of 5 essences – Cherry Plum for feelings of desperation, Rock Rose to ease terror, fear or panic, Impatiens to soothe irritability and agitation (that’s pretty funny since Aries can be pretty “impatient!”), Clematis to counteract the tendency to drift away from the present (well, if the present is making you feel kind of anxious, who wouldn’t want to drift away some place else?), and Star of Bethlehem to address the mental and physical symptoms of shock.

Charlie Chaplin & Spike Milligan – ChatterQuote April 2013

Charlie Chaplin

A day without laughter is a day wasted!

Charlie Chaplin c. 1920

The 1st of this month’s quotes comes from the famous British comic actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, or rather Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, an Aries born April 16th, 1889 in London, England, and who died on Christmas day, December 25th, 1977 at the age of 88 in Vevey, Switzerland. Chaplin rose to fame in the “silent movie” era, which seems a bit odd for an Aries, since silence isn’t exactly one of their strong suits! Instead, Charlie Chaplin displayed the pioneering spirit of an Aries, just look at the path he carved out in the film industry for all those to follow after him? That’s what an Aries does – they inspire everyone around them, and then move on to the next project, often leaving others to complete what they have started! They are very passionate people.

Chaplin’s childhood was not an easy one, so he needed to be a tough Aries to survive. He was sent to a workhouse twice before the age of nine – just think about that for a moment, especially those of you with young kids – can you imagine sending your child to the workhouse in this day and age? Well, maybe some of you can, but my point is that he had to overcome many tough obstacles from a very early age in order to reach the success that he was able to.

He also began performing at a young age, most likely as an escape from the real world he was living in, touring music halls and then later as a stage actor and comedian. But then Chaplin was signed by the famous Fred Karno (besides discovering Charlie Chaplin, Fred Karno was also credited with inventing the original custard-pie-in-the-face gag!), whose company then took him to America at the age of 19. Once in the US, Chaplin was scouted by the motion picture industry and made his 1st appearance in 1914 with Keystone Studios. From there, he developed his famous “tramp” character, which like a true Aries, always wore that hat, and by 1918, he was one of the most famous men in the world!

Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator

In 1919 Chaplin co-founded United Artists giving him complete control over his films. Many movies (and several marriages) later, including such classics as The Kid, The Gold Rush, City Lights & Modern Times, his interest in the politics of the time was shown by his satire of Adolf Hitler (also an Aries!) in the 1940 film The Great Dictator. This however, led to an unfortunate decline in his popularity along with accusations of his being a communist. Ultimately he was forced to leave the US and settled in Switzerland until he died.


Spike Milligan

I’m not afraid of dying I just don’t want to be there when it happens!

Spike Milligan

I also wanted to give you a 2nd quote this month, from comedian, musician, poet & writer Spike Milligan, an Aries, also born on April 16th (same day as Charlie Chaplin, check that out!) but in 1918 and not in England. Terence Alan Patrick Seán “Spike” Milligan, KBE (Knight, or Order of the British Empire) was born in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, British India, to English and Irish parents (guess which one was which?), but spent most of his adult working life in the UK, where he died on February 27th, 2002, in Rye, East Sussex.

My dad was a big fan and we grew up listening to Spike Milligan, creator of the brilliant comedy Goon Show, which he performed on BBC Radio along with fellow comedians Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers (who, coincidentally were both Virgos, both born on September 8th just 4 years apart – how weird is that?) The Goon Show was both crazy and creative, with lots of whacky sound effects, as well as abundantly silly humor. Once again, we have an Aries pioneer, and down the road, comedy groups such as Monty Python with their newly absurd brand of humor were certainly and majorly influenced by Spike and his fellow Goons.

Spike also wrote many books, and ironically enough, much like Charlie Chaplin, he too had a thing about fellow Aries Adolf Hitler, and one of Spike’s better-known and auto-biographical books was entitled Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall, based on when he served in the Royal Artillery during the Second World War. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up! It’s no big surprise that Spike, as an Aries, ruled by the Planet and War-God Mars, was not only an army brat, but also ended up serving in the military himself! Notice how many hats he wore as well, including several of the ones on this blog where I found the one above.