The Wonderful World of Websites and More…

Photo Plus Expo: The Wonderful World of Websites and More…

Back in October of 2012, four high-profile creative buyers gave a fascinating panel discussion on photographers’ websites (moderated by yours truly!) to kick off the 2012 PhotoPlus Expo. Click here for a recap of what we talked about and the four top tips to come out of this discussion.

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Marketing Trends: Be Smart, Be Creative, Be a Leader

Question: How do I keep up with the trends and still retain my current marketing path?

I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says, “Change is good as long as I don’t have to do anything different!But the only thing that is consistent in this life is change. So how does that apply to this question about trends, and whether or not to change your current marketing plan?

To read more and find out, click here.

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Will an Art Buyer Really Read Your Blog?

Question: With today’s busy schedules, are creative directors and art buyers taking time to read blogs?

Yes, everyone is busy and multitasking, but I do believe that art directors and creative directors are taking the time to read certain photographers’ blogs, and some art buyers may read them too, schedule-permitting…

To read the full article, click HERE

Ethan Pine‘s blog page, Value and Convenience

Dialogues Podcast: Attention Grabbing Emails

Question: How do I get the attention of creatives with an email marketing campaign?

  • How to balance useful information and clever humor in subject lines
  • How to personalize emails without sacrificing branding messages
  • The art of the quick download, multimedia marketing and more

Click HERE to listen to Louisa Curtis discuss this topic along with Jasmine DeFoore, Jennifer Kilberg, and Suzanne Sease.

Affordable Ways to Share Print and Web Portfolios

Question: What are some less-expensive options for getting my portfolio out there?
Good news! Nowadays, it really has become much more affordable to get your portfolio out there, both online and as coffee table books, which can be self-published. Here are a few suggestions and current trends; I say “trends” because some of them are certainly that, and it’s okay if you don’t do it all. You have to choose what works for you and your current budget…Read More HERE!

Bill Lusk‘s flipbook

How to Avoid Driving Clients Crazy

Question: What will make a client crazy?
Perhaps one of the best ways to answer this question is to simply reverse the roles and ask yourself, “If I was the client, what would make me crazy?” When you are dealing with your clients – or any other businesses for that matter – what impresses you, or not?…Read more HERE!

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ChatterLab June 2012

My latest article on Agency Access’ Blog, The Lab asks, “What is it about promotional pieces that move art directors and art buyers to pick up the phone and call you?
So if you want to know the answer to this one, you’d better click right here:

Signed and numbered limited edition print from photographer Doug Kirkland – and wouldn’t you know, Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini, born Norma Jeane Mortenson Baker on June 1st, 1926

And, the latest podcast I participated in along with Ilise Benun, Katherine Hennessey and Neil Binkley is all about maintaining good client relationships. To listen click here:

ChatterLab March 2012

This month my most recent article on Agency Access’ blog The Lab is about the importance of personal work. In my opinion, if you are an artist, then all of your work is going to be “personal” in some way. I really enjoyed writing about this particular topic, so to read more and see my wonderful photographer examples please click here:

Gary Oldman with pie on his face, © Chris Buck

And another of the group podcasts went live on The Lab recently, this time discussing the topic of Direct Mail. To check that out, please click here: