Zann Pinkerton Gallery Show & Weekend Workshop

Husband and wife team Arnold Zann and Margo Taussig Pinkerton have a gallery show “The Yin and Yang of the Outer Banks” at Through This Lens Gallery located in Durham, NC. The opening Reception was January 18th, 2013  – but if you missed it the show runs through March 2nd, 2013! In conjunction with this exhibition, Arnie and Margo also ran a weekend photo workshop from January 25th – 27th, 2013. For more information please click here!

Zann Pinkerton Gallery Show & Weekend Workshop

Husband and wife team Arnold Zann and Margo Taussig Pinkerton have a gallery show “The Yin and Yang of the Outer Banks” at Through This Lens Gallery located in Durham, NC. The opening Reception was January 18th, 2013  – but if you missed it the show runs through March 2nd, 2013! In conjunction with this exhibition, Arnie and Margo also ran a weekend photo workshop from January 25th – 27th, 2013. For more information please click here!

ChatterNews Holiday 2010

Louisa Curtis: How’d They Do That? Adorama TV Interview

Mark Wallace from Adorama TV recently interviewed me for his popular series, “How’d They Do That?” Check out the interview which is now live on their website, along with the rest of the video archive here:

Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures in Sicily

I recently received an email from my good friend Margo Pinkerton of Zann Pinkerton Photography with a link to a YouTube Video narrated by Margo entitled, “Tutti Turi Tour” about the self-taught master chef and wine connoisseur Turi Siligato who shares his island of Sicily with us. Check out the beautiful scenery and fun narrative as well as the Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures website and Blog for more information on their wonderful photography travel workshops: & View the YouTube video here: !

© 2010 Goodloe Suttler. All Rights Reserved.

Chelsea Brewer – 52 Editions

Every week, 52 Editions presents a new original photograph to be sold, and this coming week the image below, taken by my assistant Chelsea Brewer, will be featured! The limited edition will be on sale at for a discounted price and after a week will also be included and available for purchase – full price – in the 52 Editions photography catalog. Way to go, Chels!

“Color Fields” Ventura County, CA

© Chelsea Brewer

Marco Castro – Blogging in Kenya, Africa

Marco Castro is New York City-based photographer who was born and raised in Mexico City. I know Marco through the New York photography community and see him at many ASMP events, in particular. This year he went on a “trip of a lifetime” and spent some time in Africa, in particular, Kenya. He writes extensively on his Blog in both English and Spanish (love that!) and shows us many wonderful photographs of his journey, so it was very hard for us to pick just one, but the image we selected is of the Samburu Tribe as described by Marco on the Blog: “On my birthday night October 15 they performed a dance around the fire pit, also at the center of the village, the dark night embraced all of the participants, making it a very difficult task to get some photographs, they repeated the same ceremony the day after around sunset, to get better shots.”

Samburu Tribe, Kenya

© Marco Castro

David Larsen – Photography Workshops in Mozambique, Africa

Ironically, while I was preparing this bulletin, I received an email from David Larsen, Managing Director: Africa Media Online – Africans Telling Africa’s Story, and I had no idea how I knew him or how he had my email address, but when I read the email it said, “I was at the launch of the 2010 World Press Photo exhibition at Fortalezza, the old Portuguese fort in Maputo, Mozambique, last night and was involved in a workshop with Mozambiquan photographers from the Associação Moçambicana de Fotografia. Here is a quick post on the trip including a link to my presentation about understanding photographic markets.” And I thought this was so cool and perfectly fitting for us to mention in this particular bulletin so click on the link to check out the Blog post. The image we selected from the Blog is of a group of participants at the workshop in Mozambique. &

Participants at a workshop for the 2010 World Press Photo Exhibition

Michael Grecco – Photography Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil

I receive Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Grecco’s email updates, and last time I ran into him, he had just read a wonderful tribute and remembrance to the late great rock photographer, Jim Marshall at the Lucie Awards. Anyway, in his latest email he mentions a recent trip to South America, “I’ve also just returned from speaking in Sao Paulo at the Brazilian National Photography Congress. There I recorded my impressions of the city and it’s graphic imagery. The images will be featured in Photo Magazine, and are also featured on my blog.”

Sao Paulo, Brazil

© Michael Grecco

ASMP – Sharing Success Stories

ASMP is seeking information from members who have successfully leveraged social media to increase their visibility and/or positively impact their photography business.

If you have a success story to share, please respond to Bulletin editor Jill Waterman with the following details by Wednesday, December 15. Please include:

– Your name, e-mail address and Web site

– A short summary of your experiences with social media and the resulting impact this has had on your work and/or business

– A link to any related online content, if possible

Esperanza Spalding – Neighbor Nominated for a Grammy!

And here’s an interesting tidbit I received this week from one of my neighbors! Esperanza Spalding is a young talented jazz bassist and singer, born in Portland, Oregon, but when she’s not touring, she now lives here in New York in the very same building as us and, she has just been nominated for a Grammy in the category of “Best New Artist!” Not sure what her chances are as she is up against Canadian sensation Justin Bieber (!) but we feel very “proud” and excited for her and wish her the very best of luck!

ChatterArtists June 2010

Continuing on with the theme of “twins” and “pairs” I thought it would be fun this month to feature photographers who work together as a duo. It was interesting just how many couples I do know that work together, some purely as a business partnership, while others are life partners and/or married as well. And to further demonstrate the duality, the mutability and the indecision of Gemini, we are showing 2 image selections per couple this month!

Katvan Studios

First up we have Moshe & Rivka Katvan, known collectively as Katvan Studios. These two met whilst attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City and have been partners in both life and photography ever since. On their website they describe themselves as the “Yin & Yang” of the studio, with each one’s unique skills combining to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Moshe is a Virgo, and as a natural “perfectionist” shoots all of the still life, and Rivka, a Taurus, is drawn to shoot beautiful fine art, and both being “earth” signs they also demonstrate their harmony when collaborating on the people shoots.. I will also be writing my next ChatterCorner article for the Surveillance section of PhotoServe on these two, so watch out for that next month.

As soon as I saw this image from Rivka called “The French Sisters” I simply fell in love with it, and even better, it perfectly suited our theme for this month!

© Katvan Studios

In contrast here’s a precise example of Moshe’s studio still life work. Another perfect fit for this month as Gemini’s color is yellow and they use pencils to write with!

© Katvan Studios

Montalbetti + Campbell

And then we have Montalbetti & Campbell, comprised of Denis Montalbetti & Gay Campbell. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, this couple has also spent several years based in Australia until recently returning once more to New York. Their work is incredibly distinctive, daring and detailed, often looking more like an elaborate painting and pure “works of art” rather than just a straightforward photograph. These two are indeed well matched, as evidenced not only by their professional collaboration, but also with Denis being a Gemini and Gay a Leo they have excellent chemistry. His “air” feeds her “fire” and together they make magic! They are represented by Michael Ginsburg Associates.

As soon as I saw this series, I was instantly transported back to my childhood and the much-loved “Flower Fairies” books, created by illustrator Cicely Mary Barker.

© Montalbetti + Campbell

From “nice” and innocent we move to “naughty” and check out those heels, with a darker fantasy portrait of Australian pop duo “The Veronicas.” And yes, you guessed it – they are twin sisters as well!

© Montalbetti + Campbell

Bailey Photography

Bailey Photography is another husband and wife team comprised of Robert & Robbie Bailey. From the website: “She’s Southern. He’s a Yankee. They collided in New York City. He rocks to the Clash. She whistles to John Denver. Thank God for Johnny Cash. He craves wilderness. She thrives in cities. Been to Burning Man five times. She prefers the Flatlands. He needs mountains. Together, they climbed the Himalayas…. He shoots like a poet. She’s a techie. Together, you get the best of both worlds.” I love the boldness of this couple and their sense of humor. With these two, we have Robert, an Aquarius and Robbie, a Taurus. His “air” has him craving those wide, open spaces, while her “earth” will make her the more practical and sensitive of the two.

This pair have also spent some time documenting the infamous “Polar Bear Club” and this was hands down one of my favorite portraits from that series.

© Bailey Photography

This pair of portraits is from a hilarious new “poultry” series and also shows us their ability to shoot people both on location as well as with a blank backdrop.

© Bailey Photography

Zann and Pinkerton Photography

Zann and Pinkerton Photography is a fabulous duo comprised of Arnie Zann and Margo Pinkerton and I adore them both! Arnie started his illustrious career some 40 years ago photographing for Time and Life and has been published in almost every major magazine in the world. Margo meanwhile picked up her 1st camera at the age of 8 and began her professional career as a location and stock photographer for both advertising and corporate clients. Margo and I have also worked together on a couple of events for ASMP|NC and the Miami Ad School. Based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, they are rarely home these days because if they’re not shooting for a client, then they are most likely traveling to some wonderful location and leading one of their fabulous “Barefoot Contessa” photography workshops. As they say themselves, “Photography is our life and our passion” and with Arnie a Libra and Margo an Aquarius (both “air” signs) they are in perfect harmony with one another.

Switching it up a little, the images we chose for these two demonstrate how they often shoot the same subject, but from different viewpoints.

© Arnie Zann of Zann and Pinkerton Photography

© Margo Pinkerton of Zann and Pinkerton Photography

Studio Chambers

Next up we have Don & Parlee Chambers, a husband and wife team whose “family business” also includes their son Dustin, and collectively they are known as Studio Chambers based in Atlanta, Georgia. Don, a Leo and creative “King” of the castle, shoots more of the people and lifestyle work, whilst Parlee, a Pisces, shoots the food & still life, and Dustin, a Taurus, is their in-house editor and videographer. The “fiery” Leo wants to have fun and is connected with inspiration and the creative arts, whilst the “water” of Pisces is associated with fantasy and the imagination, – so together these two are going to be uber-creative while Dustin’s “earth” will keep them grounded!

Absolutely love Don’s portrait of Alton Brown from the Food Network with his fish, and you know what they say about owners looking like their dogs…

© Don Chambers of Studio Chambers

Couldn’t resist using this beautiful food image of “French Fries” from Parlee, so now this partnership has given us “fish and chips!”

© Parlee Chambers of Studio Chambers

Johnson Sarkissian

And last but by no means least we have Johnson Sarkissian, comprised of Robert Johnson & Katherine Sarkissian, who were amongst some of Chatterbox’ first clients. We had a lot of fun working together back then and have remained close since. With some clients, it is not only about working together professionally, sometimes there is also the recognition of a kindred spirit between us and a mutual love that comes straight from the heart. Robert is a Leo (like me) and Leo is the sign that rules over the “heart” as well as the creative arts, while Katherine is the resourceful Capricorn who keeps them on course!

© Johnson Sarkissian

© Johnson Sarkissian

ChatterEvents June 2008

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 6:00pm – 9:30pm
liveBooks In Conjunction with APA Charlotte Chapter Present:
Gaining Perspective – Learn How To Enhance Your Online Presence

Black Box Studios
3120 Latrobe Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211

Register Today!
Pre-Registration – $10 Members, $15 Students, $20 Non-Members
Door Admission – $15 Members, $20 Students, $25 Non-Members

Seating for this event is limited and pre-registration is recommended.

Louisa is moderating another panel!
This panel will discuss not only what makes a successful website that clients want to bookmark, but also how to steer them to your site, and make them want to return regularly. The panelists will weigh in on new and buzz worthy ways to “sell” yourself, such as having your own blog or using social networking sites, and even share their self-promoting do’s and don’ts.
See you there!

Check APA Charlotte website for more details.

Thursday, June 5th, 2008, 6:00pm
ASMP and Fastback Creative Book Presents: Self-Publishing at Fast Back

@ 16 West 23rd Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY
Space is limited!
Email to reserve your place!

This event was post-poned from May 22nd, 2008:

Fastback Creative Books presents: InDesign CS2/CS3: a workshop for those who want to design their own book for production with FCB This short workshop offers help for those who want to make a book with FCB but have the desire to design the book themselves. Participants will learn basic Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3 layout skills as well as some handy tips for getting the best results with their book design project. This class will take place at FCB in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, participants are encouraged to bring with them a laptop with the CS2 or CS3 programs loaded and ready to go, Free 30 day trial versions are available from Please download the “Preparing your files” packet from ourwebsite.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Ready, Set, Go! Presented by Louisa Curtis and Co-authored by Margo Pinkerton

At The Adorama Building
42 West 18th Street, 5th floor
Price: $60.00

You must pre-register for this event! Deadline ends June 5th, 2008.

Ready, Set, Go! is a business primer designed for young and emerging photographers who are in the process of investigating and entering into the photography business. The presentation is also useful for photographers who have perhaps been shooting for a while, but need a little reminder or an update on what they need to be doing besides taking photographs.
Visit the Adorama website for more details!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008, 6:30pm
NY Monthly Photo Salon

@ Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street
New York, NY
Price: $10 at the door

If you would like more information on this months line up, please email Rich Pomerantz at

Orphan Works Legislation

Click here for more information and how you can get involved!

November 2007

On Thursday and Friday, November 15th & 16th I was down in South Beach at the Miami Ad School participating in an interactive marketing panel for Darryl Strawser (Head of the Miami Ad School Photography Department) along with Margo Pinkerton (ASMP/NC), Corey Miller (liveBooks) and Chris Beauchamp (Digital Railroad). This is an event that we did earlier this year (March 2007) for ASMP/NC and because it was such a success we wanted to take it to some other cities. We are working on some more venues for this event in 2008. Both evenings went well with a mixture of both pro’s and students in attendance.

On Saturday, I had back-to-back consultations and from there I hopped on a plane from sunny Miami and headed to rainy, cold U.K. for Thanksgiving week. Sadly, I was attending a Memorial for a dear friend of mine, Jeff Threlfall, who had recently died, and because he had accomplished an enormous amount in his life, they honored him with a service in Winchester Cathedral. Hundreds of people attended and I saw many dear old friends from my college days before heading off to the New Forest to visit with my family.

Miami Ad School Event: 
Interactive Marketing Panel

Thursday, November 15th 2007

The Gallery at the Miami Ad School

Ready, Set, Go – A Business Plan For Photographers

Friday, November 16th 2007